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What Others Have Said About This Book:

What a thrill to know that I’m not crazy after all! – PA


This stuff is so much where we’re at. – NC


This is one powerful message! I don’t care what others may say, you are right on the money. Press on. – HI


I have come face to face with “the church” being a hindrance to the spiritual growth of my own family as I have always put “the church” first. I have since resigned my position in “the church” and there have been positive changes in my family. Thank you for the hours and hours of study you put into teaching those like myself who still have so much to learn. – IL


Much of what you have said I have seen on my own, but needed to see it in writing. … I thank God for you and your steadfast adherence to the truth, you are a very great help to those of us who are in the thick of it. Keep on keeping on; we need your leadership and encouragement as the battle continues. – FL


Great clarification on the subject. – WI


Thank God that you are putting these things in their contexts … This is

groundbreaking stuff. – OH


I appreciate your bold stand for the truth. – NC


We know you must be getting a lot of flack. Don’t let it get to you, you’re telling the truth. – MI


Indeed the institutionalization and compartmentalization of Christianity in our culture has been used by Satan to take captive God’s people. – CA


Impressive summarization of the state of affairs within Christianity …Thanks for your teaching; it makes me hungry. – TX


It is good to know that some “nuts” are screwed onto the right bolt! – WI


I know that you will receive much criticism … But your approach is truthful and loving. – IL


I want you to know what an encouragement you are to me and my family. I have had the same understanding of the church for some time now, but your statements about saints who are involved in religious systems opposing who they are in Christ was a real eye opener. – MI


Of all I read I am most impressed by your admission that you have changed from previous beliefs, thereby allowing for growth. – OH


I have learned many things from these studies. – Philippines


We appreciate the clarity of your understanding of the Scriptures. – IL


How can people dare argue with what the Bible plainly declares? – IN


I am now “outside the camp” with you. Thank you again for the encouragement to remain focused on the Word of God. We really know nothing of “church life” apart from God’s revelation. The rest is chaff. – IL


EXCELLENT. Another nail driven by the TRUTH! – WI


It is a great happiness to me to see these insights on the Church … God be thanked that His Word is still here standing true for those who will study, meditate and pray in it. – VA


I know you have probably had some criticism, but I hope that it hasn’t left you in despair … It takes real love for the Lord to stand unashamed for the truth of God’s Word, and what He’s doing today. … The members of the body of Christ should always be ready to adjust their thinking and way of life as they get new light. Keep up the good work. – MI


Priceless. No doubt, Clyde, you will suffer more persecution for this Timothy series. I hope so; you’re really “racking up points” for your celestial allotment. We know that all this has been graciously granted to you. – OH


I have always wondered about some of these things. (But I never wanted to think about them too long!) I have felt alone for quite some time, because I did not “go to church.” This is just another part of the mystery that most do not see, and once you do (just like the other truths of the mystery) you feel a peace that you didn’t even know about. – VA


Having read this subject matter, I believe you have presented the whole truth. – AZ


Very helpful. This should make us think about where Christianity is at today. If the turning away from Paul’s message happened so rapidly in Paul’s day, we shouldn’t expect to find much of it left in organized religion. – South Africa


These studies are laden with meaning. Every paragraph, every line, every word. And there seems to be new revelation in it for me. I think God is giving you to see into the marrow of this church deception. Thank you for writing this. – OH


Awesome. I’ve learned a lot from the Scriptures you’ve taught that I didn’t understand before. I can look around and see the apostasy but I relax that God has everything lined up according to His purpose. Thanks for your teaching. – TX